Grishko Slippers

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Grishko Slippers

Grishko has a wide range of  soft shoes/ flatties/ ballet slippers available, all made in either canvas/linen, satin or leather,  split or full soles, and 6 widths!

The Canvas/ Linen is very hard wearing and washable, the satin is  a lovely delicate colour, and the leather is very soft and strong.

All are available in white, black and pink.

The split or regular sole can be made in regular suede, or a vegan option.

All the slippers are designed to anatomically fit the foot especially when it is a half Pointe, when it has enough space for the toes to spread out.

All models have 6 width fittings- A-F but width C is the most commonly used, and the most readily available.

In the UK, we stock 3 main models in canvas - Synergy ( new!)  Model 5 and Model 6 in pink, black and white.  We also stock tiny children's sizes in satin with full soles- Model 03002.

Model 5 has a U -shaped medium vamp, soft suede split sole, without side seams,  a shock absorbing heel pad with an elastic drawstring and crossover elastics ready attached

Model 6 Performance is the same as the Model 5 but with integral elastic running along the arch.  The area under the arch of the foot is uniquely designed to pull up into the arch when the foot is pointed.

This is a BEST SELLING model - ask your local stockist to order it in for you!

Any slippers can be ordered in leather, satin  and with vegan soles, and any other models can be ordered if specifically required. Your local stockist should be prepared to help you with this order. If you experience any difficulties do get in touch.

Grishko makes a wide variety of other shoes and boots which can be custom made to order. Click here to view articles.

Model 6
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New! Synergy!